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Date: 2018-02-23 14:39

Thank you, Ms. Carnell, for your consistent truth telling by way of discrediting shameless, ignorant, media and other troll types. And you have the skills to do it, which is why you do it so well.  Again, thank you.
While the fact that African Americans 8767 socio-economic condition is 8775 dire, 8776 in fact, 8775 existential, 8776 is well documented by all credible sources and expert researchers (governmental and nongovernmental), propagandists like Rye are attempting to run a delusional narrative to deny that reality. Thus, the objective is to render Blacks psychologically out-of-touch with their own reality, in order to keep them pinned down on the Dem plantation. If they are successful in doing so, it 8767 s game over, because that outcome  will not only delegitimize Blacks 8767 meritorious  grievances, but also drive them  8775 stone crazy 8776 at the same time. 
What people like Rye, Joy Reed, Sharpton (who I 8767 m told claims Black unemployment is only 8%) , et al. are really saying when they make such ignorant comments is they don 8767 t care about the Black masses. Their comments are CLEAR evidence of that fact, such as   8775 I 8767 m not impoverished 8776  interpretation =  8775 I 8767 m not part of them, don 8767 t group me with them. 8776 That interpretation is also evidenced by 8775 rationalizing 8776 statements like 8775 Blacks are not monolithic, my friends are doing well, 8776 etc.
Given this reality, why do Blacks allow people to lead them with misinformation who openly declare that they are not part of the regular Black community, and are embarrassed by the masses of other Blacks?  What usefulness to Blacks is the information these people provide, given not only it 8767 s inaccuracy, but it 8767 s intent? The intent is to fraudulently keep Blacks in their current (and it 8767 s going to get worse) condition for personal gain. 
Anytime a presidential candidate mentions the vast majority of Black 8767 s economic plight, whether its Sanders or Trump, these people deny that plight. Why is that? What do people like Rye have to lose if a presidential candidate addresses Blacks 8767 economic needs in a forum where such an issue belongs presidential politics?
Why are they so upset, since by their own admission, the subject is not about them?
The answer can only lie in one place: they are tools mouthpieces of the status quo  being used to help play Blacks for votes only, while being even outright bragging about it unconcerned about Blacks 8767  needs. For this, they are rewarded well. So much for talk about needing a 8775 Black face in the news room, 8776 or anywhere else for that matter.

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