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Date: 2018-02-13 14:39

I met this guy a month back. We both are under the same Research Programme-its part of our training. We actually have met numerous times when we attended seminars in the course of 9 months. When he met me in the Research Group, he quickly said hi, we have been bum 8767 n into each other in Seminars for sometime we started talking and it turns out to be that we both have quite a number of mutual friends. At the end of the day he asked for my number and I didnt think much and gave it. After 7 days he messaged me saying that just wanted to say hi, we were messaging for quite sometime and he messaged me back in a 7 days gap from formal conversations it lead on to flirting and he even asked me whether im still single and whether im fine with going out with him to catch up I said ya sure, why not. He did ask me out and we went out for lunch. On that day he was bugging me to add him facebook. Im the sort of person who doesn 8767 t just simply add people and so told him that no but coz he like asked me 8 times about it, I said I 8767 ll add him the first thing when I reach office, which I did btw. He even messaged saying have fun working. But after adding him in facebook, he never messaged me and this is a week ago. I messaged him few days after that asking about our Research as he is the group leader and he was very formal about it and after few messages he said he was tired and going to bed early. He did not message me at all after that till I saw him in facebook yesterday. I buzzed him and said hows life and so on. I even asked him out for coffee and said that is for buying me lunch last week. He replied in that case I should ask for big meal with alcohol-he did not say anything as to whether lets go or no, im not free. Nothing and I left it there. He also said that he won 8767 t be able to make it for the Research discussion today as he has important work to be done. But I saw him in the morning. There was this tension between us. He sat quite far away from me which he did not do last week. We hardly spoke although we are in the same sub-group and have to work together. He was like ignoring me. Im confused now coz im positive that I did not say anything wrong. For some reason I feel that he 8767 s ignoring me after adding me in facebook and the only thing he could have found there is that im a year older than him and the country I am from, thats quite an issue. Im fine with that but who knows he might think that its an issue. What am I to do? I have to attend this Research programme every friday for the next few months, which means I 8767 ll be seeing him.

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